Marijuana Flowering: Don’t Miss 4 Important Stages You Need to Know

What are the marijuana flowering stages when growing outdoors?


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How to get huge outdoor cannabis plants and how do identify the marijuana flowering stage?

Find out how to identify the marijuana flowering stage to get huge outdoor cannabis plants best yield . Marijuana needs enough light, enough water, enough nutrients and warm temps for growing cannabis plants outdoors for the best yield. Cannabis can be used for medicinal, nutritional or recreational purposes when cultivated properly.

What is the cannabis plant’s marijuana flowering stage?

In the name of things….”Cannabis” is the overall plant, “Marijuana” consists of leaves, flowers, seeds, stems where all the THC and CBD comes from that deliver the benefits of the Cannabis plant.

The flowering stage of marijuana is a time when the cannabis plant produces flowers. The process involves the production of pistils and stamens, which are tiny male and female reproductive cells within plants that produce pollen and egg cells respectively.

A brief history of the flowering cannabis plant

Marijuana is a flowering plant that has been used for centuries. Cannabis plants are finally being legalized in some states, making it possible to study the plant without fear of arrest or imprisonment. With legalization, farmers are now able to grow cannabis in ways that are more efficient, sustainable and profitable when legally produced.

The flowering stage of the marijuana- cannabis plant is when its flowers bloom and or they release pollen for pollination. Cannabis plants can either be male or female and will release pollen in order to fertilize the plant.

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How old is a flowering cannabis plant?

It is typically considered to be between 12-18 weeks old, but this could vary depending on the grower’s location, environmental conditions, the seed type, seed strain, components of soil, water application, water filtration, nutrients used and even the skill level of the grower.

You can maximize marijuana yields by focusing on the right factors each week of the flowering stage. If you know what your cannabis plant should look like week-by-week, you’ll also be able to quickly tell if something is going wrong!

The marijuana flowering stage are when they grow their buds. When you take the time to learn how to properly attend to your plants with utmost level of care, your chances increase that you will harvest the best buds to enjoy and share foe the rest a whole year ahead at no expense!

Understanding the process makes the growing part easier and more fun. This article will go in-depth into the cannabis flowering stages, so you can harvest higher quality, and buds with juicy dripping trichomes, with that very definitive and to some, inviting aroma.

Watching your cannabis plants flower is both exciting and daunting. When you are personally engaged with your plants, just like any fruit bearing plant, there is a frequency that is generated between you. It’s a beautiful thing to give gratitude to your plants in advance for the pain relief, relaxation or bliss they will give to you.

Being a marijuana consumer growing your own cannabis plants can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a cultivator. It is vital that you know and understand that when it comes to the flowering stage, there are quite a few important things that you have to keep an eye on.

Knowing where your cannabis plants are in their life cycle will dictate when to prune, train, and trellis your plants, as well as, when to harvest.

It can be really fun to learn about and observe each of the flowering stages as you take care of your garden, including how to look after your particular plant strain that you have selected, from seed to sticky, sweet aromatic buds that deliver on long awaited joy after weeks until you are able to experience your cured results.

The experts at Marijuana Seed Connect take you on a guided tour of the cannabis plants, marijuana flowering stages and give you tips for getting the most out of your growing experience.

If ever you have an issue, simply snap a pic and send it to us, typically when there is an issue it can be determined what it is by one of our experienced growers and if and how it can be remedied. Just watch your precious plants daily and when you begin to notice a change that might not look right, ask on line, do some research. Sometimes if your negative issue goes on too long , the damage might not be reversible. So act quickly when you see a change you are concerned about.

During the marijuana flowering stage you want to love those buds! Learn what is the best temperature, humidity and fertilizer for your flowering plants. With outdoor growing it can be difficult to control the heat if you live in an area with high temps, so it would be best to use shade cloth to at least protect your plants from direct, harsh sunlight. If you are in an area with low humidity, you may need to mist your plants often. Low humidity can be just as bad as high humidity.

Feeding your babies the correct fertilizers or nutrients, based on their stage of development the proper combinations that increase their blooming or vegetation potential, just don’t overfeed them, thinking more is better.

Just make good notes of your application, timing, quantity of nutrient you are dispensing along with the manufacturer’s brand name. For your next grow, switch brands and keep good records and compare. Join forums and groups and learn from other’s experiences and share yours.

As far as feeding goes, you need to feed your plants if you want to maximize results, just keep in mind that you can burn your cannabis plants out if you overfeed them.

It is truly amazing to witness your plants as the buds begin to appear and swell all over the plants and every day thereafter as they become thicker and stickier with resin, while producing their tiny sugar leaves. With some blooming nutrients you will be super impressed as there may be new buds in new places, like near the main cola, daily during the flowering stage.

As your cannabis plant’s buds get fatter and fuller, the smell becomes more and more delightful. Just keep in mind that moth and butterfly caterpillars and certain flies love the aroma too and they can destroy your crop.

It’s sad to want to destroy butterfly larvae, however they can cause significant damage. You don’t see the suckers, as they attack at night and when you see a strange rot appear, it can be too late. These creatures live inside the stem. The best time to catch them is in the early dawn, as they are full from eating all night and are moving back into hiding slowly.

When you find them, remove them or destroy them, and look for their eggs. Then get a solution called Monterey B.T. It really works well to eradicate them.

Another sign that you have caterpillars is black dots on the leaves in the morning, which is their poop. If it happens to be windy in your area, the poop may blow off and an indicator will not be visible. Then your bud turns brown, because it’s dead because the caterpillar sucked the life out of it as it devoured the leaves and the rotting flower now has a fungus that can infect your whole plant.

It would be great if we could designate 1 plant to nature’s pollinators and the rest for us, however, it does not work that way. It is possible to prepare a home for the caterpillar in a place where it will not cause harm to your cannabis plants. Feed it and attend to it and then it can live a life one day as a beautiful butterfly. We kill off way too many pollinators each year with harmful pesticides and insecticides.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Marijuana Seed Connect This definition explains the meaning of the Flowering Stage and why it matters.

Each marijuana flowering stage is an enjoyable and exciting part of your plants life, as you read on in these pages or in the guide, you will find out more about it and how you can maximize your harvests and save money as you gain satisfaction from your efforts.

As you nurture your outdoor plants, note that the cannabis plant usually begins to flowers in mid- late summer then when days get shorter after an initial flowering period the buds get fat swelling with lusciousness scents dripping of sticky trichomes around mid September to early October when it’s time to harvest.

However, cannabis plants can also be grown indoors, so the flowering stage is completely dependent on each grower. You also can have more than one crop as well because the indoor grower has control of the seasons, without needing to depend on the climate conditions where you reside.

The duration of each stage varies widely depending on different factors like growing method, strain genetics and a bunch of other things and if you are growing indoors or outdoors, as well.

# Marijuana Flowering Stage:

The marijuana flowering stage is the final one before harvest and while every stage is important, this might be considered by some to be the most important part of your cannabis plant’s life. It takes place after an initial vegetative growth period, if all goes well during that phase, whether it is grown indoors or outdoors.

After the flowers begin in the early stage, your cannabis plants need adequate nutrients not only for the rapid growth of inflorescences, but also for expansive bud accumulation for nutrients to give your plant the very best opportunities to bud with potency.

Until recently, the commercial production of Cannabis sativa was restricted to varieties that yielded high-quality fiber while producing low levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Fortunately, In the last few years, a number of jurisdictions have legalized the production of medical and/or recreational cannabis with higher levels of THC, and other jurisdictions seem poised to follow suit.

Consequently, due to increasing demand for industrial scale production of high yield cannabis with higher consistent cannabinoid profiles is expected to increase to meet demand, as more people will grow their own in their homes or in backyard grow huts.

In line with previous research it was found that variety, plant density, light intensity and fertilization or nutrient influence cannabis yield and cannabinoid content; what also was identified was the container size, light type, water mineral content and duration of the flowering period were predictors of yield and THC accumulation.

The critical role of light intensity, quality and photoperiod in determining cannabis yields, for indoor growing with particular focus on the potential for light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to improve growth and reduce energy requirements is a whole other story. This control is not possible with outdoor cultivation, however, indoor growing is obviously more costly.

It’s proposed that the vast amount of genomic data currently available for cannabis can be used to better understand the effect of genotype on yield.

Light diversification is likely to emerge in cannabis growing systems as each is examined. The potential role of plant-growth, regulation of cannabinoid biosynthesis and biocontrol is still in experimental phases.

Cannabis use spreads as people grow their own

Cannabis use spreads because the cost is a lot less when you can cultivate on your own property, under the free sun. Depending on your yield, you could save several thousand dollars annually. Some that are clearly unaware of the science behind pollination think that the marijuana plant’s pollen will pollinate and cross over to other plants, fertilizing them.

What can happen is that if a male plant happens to have its seeds and pollen escape into a densely populated area of marijuana growers, it can result in marijuana being grown outdoors by people who are not smokers, just by birds or the wind. Or if someone near by is cultivating female plants they can get pollinated and produce unwanted seeds.

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What is the cannabis flowering stage?

This is when the cannabis plant goes from just leaves into the stage is when the plant’s flowers start to form that will produce THC and CBD, to keep it simple.

Characteristics of the flowering stage

When the plant starts to produce tiny sacs where the leaves and branches intersect, these sacks if female will produce whitish yellow or purple hairs that will develop into flowers, which then could be pollinated by its male counterpart. While in many cases the grower does not want to let their cannabis plant become pollinated, or the bud will have a bunch of unwanted seeds.

However, pollination is important because it will either produce seeds for the next year or continue with flowering, depending on whether or not the female is fertilized. If they are close to each other the process is inevitable. So decide before you begin what you will do if you discover a male plant with your ladies.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much light should cannabis plants receive in bloom?

  • 10 hours of light is best when flowers are in bloom. You can not always control the light outdoors. Just know if you live in an area where you get lots of cloudy or overcast weather this can also impact your results.

How to get huge cannabis plants, outdoors?

  • Give your plants a good amount of space
  • Separate the stems so the buds are receiving a good amount of light and not hidden by the bigger leaves.
  • Feed them the right nutrients for the right stages. You don’t need to buy big bottles of these solutions for a backyard cultivation when you only have about 6-12 plants.

How to tell when a cannabis plant is flowering?

  • The leaves will change color, which means they are getting ready to flower. You’ll notice purple, light yellow or white hairs growing out of the buds. The plant should be about 18-24 inches tall and the leaves should be pointed upwards.

When cannabis plants are flowering, should I be removing the smaller leaves starting from the bottom of the plants?

  • Yes, you’ll want to remove the bottom leaves as they die. It is always a good idea to remove decaying leaves, to give your plant more energy and avoid any potential for infestation. Randomly removing leaves will help direct more of their energy into producing larger buds, it also helps give your plant room for new growth and allows more sun to reach your flowers.

Which production conditions lead to obtaining these high yields?

  • Excessive heat and light are important to consider when it comes to maximizing production. If they have too much of either, your plants will stop flowering.


  • It’s important to understand that your plants will flower when they get enough light. When it starts flowering, the time is right to give them at least eight hours of uninterrupted darkness per day.
  • You need to make sure you do not give the plants too much light either. When they are getting enough, their leaves will turn a dark green color and stop growing taller. If they get too much, their leaves will turn yellow and start to dry out and your cannabis plant will stop growing taller.


  • Some people believe that cannabis plants need a lot of heat in order to grow well. However, this is not the case. If you give them more than they need, it will dry out their leaves and cause the flowering process to stop. If you are experiencing high heat outdoors, to reduce the chance of heat stress, use shade cloth and a water mister to keep them cool and slightly moist.


  • If your plants do not get enough water, they will die. If you over water them, they will drown and not grow and also could get a fungus and die. The best thing to do is get a water meter and test daily, in the desert, test at night too. On some days they may need a little drink before going to sleep, not too much though.

How much water do cannabis plants need during the marijuana flowering in the later stage?

Your plants will not need as much water during the later part of the flowering stage.

Why is it important to understand flowering stages and timing in cannabis plant cultivation?

Each stage requires a different type of nutrient. In pre to early stage This is the time when you will be able to determine the sex of your plants and catch the males if there happens to be any and then to remove them before its too late and they pollinate the rest of your plants. In the late flowering stage is when infestation form caterpillars can attack, and your buds and leaves will let you know when they change.

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Mistakes to avoid during marijuana flowering stages

Mistakes to avoid during the marijuana flowering stage are pretty common sense like

  • Not watering your plant enough or over-watering it. If you water your plant too much, you will have a weaker crop with less potency and a higher chance of creating an environment for fungus to grow. If you water it too little, not only will your plant be stunted, the buds will be smaller and it will have a higher chance of dying and decay can attract infestation.
  • Not being attentive to your plants to notice changes that would indicate a problem.
  • Don’t begin germinating your cannabis plant too late in the season, which will place your flowering plant at risk if you are growing outdoors and your buds die from an early frost.
  • Don’t make the mistake of not adding quality nutrients at the right stages and stopping the nutrients 2 weeks before the late flowering phase.

Flowering cannabis for seed production

The cannabis plant has several stages of life. One of these is to allow the flowering stage of your female plants to get pollinated. This occurs after a female has been fertilized by a male and will grow seeds for the next generation of marijuana flowers. The plant reaches the end of its life cycle, meaning that it is close to dying due to old age, the seeds can then be harvested and the plant did its job.

Marijuana life stages

There are two stages in the cannabis plant’s life, the vegetative phase and marijuana flowering stage. The first, vegetative phase lasts from planting to flowering. The last phase is the flowering stage which begins when all of its female flowers have fully bloomed and can be harvested.

Basic tips on flowering cannabis plants for seeds

There are many reasons to flower marijuana plants. These include the need for seed production, increasing the quality and potency of flowers, maintaining genetic diversity by producing offspring from different cannabis strains, or even just enjoying the process of having your marijuana flowers produce seeds. When you have an abundance of cannabis seeds you can grow forever and share them with your friends.

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How to store marijuana flowers?

When marijuana flowers or buds are dried and cured, they will often develop a protective layer of crystal resin which makes them less likely to be damaged or destroyed. However, storing the buds in airtight containers with a moisture-proof lining is the best way to preserve their quality. They must go through the drying phase or curing phase correctly, or they can get moldy if the process is not done correctly.

What is the age of the marijuana flowering stage of the cannabis plant?

Marijuana flowering stage can take 7 to 12 weeks, if it is not an autoflower strain. A cannabis plant that is an autoflower strain can take 5-7 weeks weeks to reach full maturity and be ready for harvesting. .

What the week-by-week marijuana flowering stages of the cannabis plant?

  • Germination: The seed starts to sprout and grow into a tiny cannabis plant.
  • Vegetative: The cannabis plant starts to grow leaves and stems. This is when the plant will usually start to use light as a source of energy, so it will become slightly larger than it was in the seedling stage.
  • Flowering: Cannabis plants start to produce buds during this phase, which are loaded with potent THC and CBD molecules that get converted into cannabinoids when they are heated or smoked.
  • Harvesting: this is when your marijuana flower’s hairs just begin to turn red or gold. The harvesting of marijuana flowers is different for each grower as to how ripe the flowers are when they harvest.
  • Pollination: When male and female cannabis flowers pollinate, pollen is released and spreads to other nearby buds on the same plant.
  • Seeding: When the male plant releases its seeds, which are about the size of a grain of rice and then you harvest the seeds.

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What is the difference between germination and flowering?

The cannabis plant goes through the germination stage when it is a seed and produces its tap root.

Marijuana  flowering stage is when the plant starts to grow buds and flowers. This is when cannabis plants start producing their potent THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.This is when the plant will usually start to use light as a source of energy, so it will become larger than it was in the seedling stage.

What is the last stage of a cannabis plant?

The last stage of a cannabis plant is called “flushing” and it occurs as the flowering process is ending.

What is a cannabis plant’s lifespan during the flowering phase?

A cannabis plant’s lifespan during the flowering phase is approximately two to three months.

What are some tips to help growers with this last stage?

Potential growers should really watch the marijuana flowering stage closely. This is because it can be very difficult to identify when a plant has fully entered this stage, and if you miss it then you risk ruining all your efforts.

If the plant was traumatized, seeds could begin to appear, this effect could set your plant up for late pollination. This will destroy all the effort you put into the female plants you labored over. You may need to cull it or your whole crop could be jeopardized.

In Conclusion:

Cultivating Cannabis plants is very rewarding in many ways, yes it can be challenging, if you get fungus or infestation. When you understand the various stages and are aware of what to look for, and provide the best care it becomes an enjoyable experience.


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