5 Marijuana Pre-Flowering Tips for Best Results

Marijuana Pre-Flowering Stage, Early Flowering and 5 Flowering Tips For Growing Marijuana Success


Marijuana Pre Flower -Marijuana Seed Connect Marijuana Pre-Flowering Stage begins near the end of the vegetative stage, when you learn the sex of your plant and the flowering time and potential.

What are the signs of the marijuana pre-flowering stage?

The pre-flowering stage is when the plant is about 12 inches tall and has many sets of seed  leaves. If the plant is a clone, or cutting, it will have more than one set of leaves at this point. 

Marijuana pre-flowering stage and early flowering stage is an important phase when growing marijuana plants.

This is the stage of marijuana growth before it starts to produce small sacks near the base of a branch that contains the flower. We will discuss how to find tiny pre-flowers at the base of each leaf to determine the sex of your plant in the vegetative stage at only 3-6 weeks from germination!


Four stages:  Marijuana Pre-flowering, early flowering, peak flowering, and late flowering or maturation.

Flowering is the process of a plant’s life and development from seed through reproductive maturity.

The Flowering Stage: Week 1

The marijuana pre flowering stage begins with germination, when the radicle emerges from the soil. This stage can last from a few days to many weeks, depending on the species. When your plant officially enters the flowering stage, the buds will start to take form and with bigger buds comes an increased trichome production, this means that it will start smelling quite strong.

The Flowering Stage: Week 2

The second week into the flowering stage is when the white hairs start getting long, by now the hairs should be all over the place, meaning that you will see a lot of them growing in every direction and in every bud site.

In this stage a process called vernation happens, which involves the formation of the primary roots and embryonic stem cells will take place. This stage can last up to two weeks.

The Flowering Stage: Week 3

When your marijuana plants reach the middle of the flowering stage, you will see a huge difference in the buds after every couple of days; This happens because the foundation of the flowers is established so now it’s just a matter of fattening up those beautiful buds.

The third stage is also called preening, which involves the development of the root and stem tissues into their final form. This stage can last up to three weeks or a month.

The Flowering Stage: Week 4

By week 4 of flowering there’s nothing much to say, if you’ve done everything properly the buds should be looking and smelling great, and if you’re keeping a good environment, there’s not much to do. Just keep an eye for bugs, fungus and signs of deficiencies, but it should be fairly simple by now.

The Flowering Stage: Week 5

Week 5 of flowering marks the last week of the flowering stage, remember that this is not the case with all cannabis strains, if the genetics you’re growing take a bit longer you can still guide yourself with pictures, but it will take a bit longer for you to see the differences that we’re seeing here from one week to the next.

Marijuana Pre Flower -Marijuana Seed Connect
male or female marijuana plant

The stages of flowering are the various phases through which a plant’s life cycle goes as it grows. There are many variations to these stages, but they generally include seed germination, vegetative growth, flowering, and ripening.

Breaking down each marijuana flowering time into four stages allows for one unique advantage which is to identify when a deficiency is occurring.

Each of the stages has a unique purpose. In the first stage when the plant starts to sprout from its root and “break ground” in order to develop into a mature plant, you are on your way.

It is really interesting to observe marijuana plants go through the different growth stages of its life. Each of the different growth stages calls for different amounts of light, nutrients, and water. Marijuana’s flowering stage takes about 5-16 weeks.

Marijuana Pre-flowering

The pre-flowering stage is the first stage of marijuana flowering. This means that it is before the buds are visible on your plant. Pre-flowering plants generally experience a high amount of growth and foliage in preparation for the following stage, flowering.

The pre-flowering phase is when you should be taking care of your plant by providing nutrients and maintaining adequate temperature levels. This will ensure that the plant has everything it needs for a successful flowering phase.

Additionally, you should be keeping an eye on your marijuana plants because the pre-flowering stage is often when pests and other unwanted substances enter the plant.

Marijuana-Early Flowering -Marijuana Seed Connect

Early Flowering Tips

Plants in early flowering phase.

Plants in the early flowering phase typically go through a number of changes, including increased stem diameter and reduced internode spacing. This is because plants are constantly responding to environmental cues from their own genes, as well as those of other individuals that may be nearby.

The quality of flowers is determined by the time they reach full-flowering. Although a few nurseries and growers have started to grow early flowering varieties for increased yields, it takes up more space in their greenhouses which makes them less profitable.

Early flowering phase: Tight, small, dense clusters and fills internodes

Growing marijuana can be a tricky process to master, but there are some ways you can make the most of it. The early flowering phase is an important time because this determines what your flowers will look like at the end. This phase lasts from weeks 3-5, with week 4 being the last major transition point.

Potassium, phosphorus and carbohydrates are important during the early flowering phase. Giving your marijuana plants extra potassium, phosphorus and carbohydrates will result in a more potent and heavier harvest where potency is related to harvesting time.

Peak Flowering

Bud sites merge in the peak flowering stage.

In the peak flowering stage, bud sites merge. This is when plants have a significant amount of reproductive growth and produce flowers with large petals that are ready for pollination.

Bud formation is when plants invest most of their energy.

Plants will stagnate in growth during this stage, allocating most of their energy into bud formation.

This is the most important and delicate stage of plant growth. It can be difficult to determine when a particular plant has reached its peak flowering, but typically in this period plants will have stopped growing new leaves.

Buds are filled with water and can become too heavy for the stems that might snap under the weight. So it is important to have support systems in place beginning at the early flowering stage. 

This can cause the plant to experience a condition called “floriferous injury.” This is when flowers are too heavy for their stems, which might break under the weight.

Trichomes begin to take shape and cannabinoids/terpenes develop within, when plants are in their peak flowering stage. It is important for growers to know when this stage comes about so that they can harvest at the appropriate time.

Marijuana Early flowering phase:

What happens to your plants at this point plays a vital role in the determination of quality as it reaches the full-flowering phase.

Early flowering phase is the time during which a plant will experience its peak growth rate. This period plays an important role in determining quality as it reaches the full-flowering phase.The early flowering phase starts 2 days after you put the light schedule to 12-12.

Generous and fast development of the budding sites is important for larger yields and earlier harvests. Early flowering phase is a period of 1 to 3 weeks. Giving plants extra potassium, phosphorus, and carbohydrates will allow you to expect more potent and heavy harvests. Early flowers are when they have already turned into tight clusters throughout the stem system.

Tips to consider for healthy cannabis plants

Begin applying carbohydrates at the start of the flowering phase, molasses is a good source and marijuana plants love it. 

The marijuana pre-flowering stage is a period of only four weeks and plants should be fed with carbohydrates, or nutrient  sugars. To make sure the plant receives enough nutrients, it’s best to provide an early flowering tip: feeding cannabis at this time can also help prevent bugs or diseases such as powdery mildew from attacking your marijuana crop.

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Reduce nitrogen at start of the flowering phase

When it comes to marijuana, the most important thing is that you have healthy plants. However, there are a few things you can do which will ensure your cannabis plant has successful flowering and yields high quality weed.

First of all, consider reducing nitrogen at the start of the flowering phase in order to prevent excess vegetative growth from happening during this stage. This allows for more energy for budding plants instead of leaves and stems growing too quickly when they should be focusing on flowers rather than foliage, as well as a quicker harvest.

The main advantage of hydroponic cannabis production is that the crop will respond to changes in nutrient solution within hours, instead of days. This makes it possible for growers to adapt their growing practices and provide higher yields with less labor than with soil.

When considering how much nutrients are needed, a grower should pay attention to the specific requirements of each strain they’re cultivating so they can achieve optimal growth rates with minimal effort while still providing necessary nutrients and avoiding toxicity risks associated with overfeeding or underfeeding.

B-vitamin is discontinued during the transition to bloom

The cannabis plant begins to transition into the flowering stage at this point. During this time, there are many factors that can have a significant impact on how healthy your plants will be in terms of yield and quality.

Considerations such as light levels and temperature must also be taken into account because these variables help with maintaining optimal growth conditions for marijuana plants during their early phases of development. So consider taking care of your plants by ensuring that they get enough B-vitamin supplements while they’re transitioning from vegetative to the flowering stage.

Protect the root system from salinity, fertilizer and light intensities

The marijuana plants begin to develop from the first set of leaves to weeks later, when the flowers form. The plant responds with a stronger response in intense feeding with faster budding, so it is important to consider some tips for healthy cannabis plant care with nutrients during this time period. These efforts to protect the root system from salinity, harsh and over fertilizer or light intensities, can save the plant from anything that may cause damage later on in growth stages.

Make sure to avoid over applying light intensities, avoid over applying fertilizer on plants, too much light can hurt the growth of your plants.

This will allow the plant to produce a lot of energy and is essential for bud production. Add more calcium during this period because it helps in regulating hormones and improving root development while also enhancing nutrient uptake by roots. To add more calcium to your nutrient solution use fulvic acids during the early bud, pre-flowering phase.

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It is not a good idea to rush nutrients into the flowers at the early stages of pre-flowering

Rushing nutrients and over feeding can cause nutrient toxicity that is not good for bud development. In order to achieve the best yields, it’s important not to rush nutrients into flowers at the early stages of flowering, that will inhibit bud development.


Why are my buds so small?

You may not have enough nutrients available to your plants. This happens when the plant in its veg state is so healthy that it doesn’t need any more input of nutrients for the foliage stage. So reduce the nitrogen and feed it the flowering nutrients so it can focus on other things like bud production.

Feeding too much nitrogen to your plants can cause them to grow very bushy, but not necessarily produce a lot of buds. Especially when the plant is at the pre-flower stage and early flowering stage.

In order to achieve the best yields, it’s important not to rush nutrients into your plants too quickly.You want to give them time to absorb what they need so that it can be put toward the production of more bud.

If you’re looking for advice on how best to manage your plants let us know if we can help.

When should I switch from the veg stage to the marijuana pre flower stage?

It’s important to know when it is time for your plants to go from vegetative growth and into flowering. This is different for everyone, however if you are growing outdoors the switch will automatically happen on its own. At this stage of the plant, they will need different nutrients than during the vegetative stage.

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How can you be sure the seeds you plant will produce the marijuana you want?

It is important to make sure that you are planting seeds that will grow the type of marijuana you want. This is possible with a reputable marijuana seed seller .There are many strains available, but it’s up to your preference which one suits your needs. It’s good to know what the various strains offer before you buy seeds.


How do I know if my plants are pollinated?

When your buds are pollinated, the buds will turn to seed. This is not the desired outcome. If there is a male plant in the vicinity remove it before the yellow bananas open, as this could destroy your whole feminized crop.

When should I be removing the smaller leaves, starting from the bottom of the plants?

The smaller leaves on the plant are typically removed starting from the bottom of your plants or when they turn yellow. Remove leaves that block the buds from getting sun. It’s good to remove any dying or decaying leaves from your plant. If your plant is extra busy and the leaves are blocking the flowers from getting sunlight they need to be mover or removed. 

What about marijuana pre-flowering autoflowers?

Autoflowers of a certain variety will automatically produce buds, not with any relation to the sun cycle, but in relation to timing programmed into the plant. Autoflowers are feminized, grow faster and smaller. Some say they produce a less potent result.

When does resin form? 

The resin normally forms on the flowers just before they begin to open. The plant then begins its natural maturation process of becoming a seed for the next cycle of becoming seed bearing. 

What is the powder substance that falls when the leaves get moved?

Hopefully it’s the resin that normally forms on the flowers just before they begin to open.The white powder could also be powdery mildew which is one of the most commonly occurring plant problems on marijuana plants. It is a fungal disease that affects plant leaves and stems, coating them in what looks like a white or gray powder-like substance. In severe cases, powdery mildew can even spread to the buds, flowers, and fruits of plants and make them unfit for consumption. If you catch it early, hopefully you can stop the spread.

What happens if you don’t flush before harvest?

If you grow indoors and heavily use nutrients the plant needs to be flushed before harvest, or it could be unpleasant for smoking. If you do not flush the marijuana plants before harvesting, your buds may have a dark brown color and taste burnt. Some outdoor growers don’t flush their plants, they just reduce nutrients

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What happens if you don’t dry your buds before storage?

If the marijuana is not dried before storing it, then mold can form and cause a multitude of problems for your marijuana. If you’ve never grown marijuana before, then it’s important to know the stages of growth: germination- veg- pre-flowering, early flowering and flowering, harvesting and curing.

How do I know if my plant is male or female?

If you want to know the gender of your plant, pinch off a small leaf from the top and smell it. If it smells like peppermint, then your plant is female. The males will smell like cat urine. I am not sure how true that is, as I have never done it, just heard about it.  I look for literal ball sacks that have lines and no white hairs emitting from them. They also appear in clusters at the stem base.

How late can a marijuana plant be topped?

You don’t want to top a marijuana plant before it is  2 weeks old, as that can be too soon. The plant must have enough growth to handle the pruning process. Typically a marijuana seedling is too old at week four for pruning. You would not want to top the plant after four weeks, as this can cause too much stress and your plant is likely not to survive. Some growers choose not to top their plants, however those that do say their plants get more bushy and more buds.

In Conclusion: 

As you are beginning to learn, there are many stages of growth for the marijuana plant. They happen so fast it seems, mainly because there are so many and each one only lasts a week or 2. It is a beautiful experience to engage with from buying your marijuana seed to indulging in your final product. 

Happy growing! 

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