Marijuana Pre-Flowering stage, Benefits, Success Tips

Understanding Marijuana Pre-Flowering Stage, Benefits, and Key Steps to Success

You can maximize marijuana yields by focusing on the right factors each week of the flowering stage. If you know what your cannabis should look like week by week, you’ll also be able to tell if something is going wrong quickly!

Knowing exactly when the cannabis flowering stage begins can be a fascinating time. Now, what do you do once  your pre-flowering stage has arrived? Read this, and you will become well informed.

Marijuana Female, Pre-Flowering Stage

When growing female marijuana plants, you will notice that they begin to develop their pre-flowers near the end of their vegetative growth, which is around 4-6 weeks.

Knowing the life cycle the cannabis will dictate when to prune, train, and trellis your plants and when to plan for their harvest.

If you are looking for information on the pre-flowering phase of auto flower seeds and how your grow operation behaves in the early flowering stage for growing medical marijuana outdoors, know that watching your cannabis plants flower is exciting and daunting.

So many things can go wrong, and through each grow-operation, you will learn more and more from each experience. So take good notes and keep good records so you can make the necessary adjustments to produce an abundant crop.

It will be best for your results when you know how to identify the different stages of cannabis plant growth and development and understand when things appear. Exposure to light is essential to care for your plants!

When do cannabis plants go through pre-flowering stage  outdoors?

Without a doubt, flowering is one of the crucial stages in cannabis cultivation. It is much easier to understand the length of day and night or photoperiodic timing of cannabis plants and when they flower outdoors because the timing is natural.

Don’t be confused about what to do during the pre and full-flowering period. In this article, we tell you some things you need to know.

Pre-flowering stage marijuana starts in about the 4th week, the end of the vegetative phase

It is the stage when plants are not yet mature enough to bear flowers, but they have already begun to grow- and the sex of them is determined.

Here Is The Pre-Flowering Stage Week-by-Week

The Pre-flowering Stage: Week 1

After your cannabis plant has received its first days of a 12/12 light cycle, either indoor or outdoor, it will enter the pre-flowering stage. Have in mind autoflower cannabis doesn’t depend on a light cycle to start flowering and will flower automatically irrelevant of  any light cycle.

Pre Flower Marijuana Seed Connect

  • After 1 or 2 weeks, if it’s an auto or photo and the genetics, pre-flowers should look similar to this. When this happens, it means that your plant has completely transitioned to the flowering stage.

What About Autoflowers?

  • As mentioned before, photoperiod usually takes longer than auto-flowers to go through the whole pre-flowering stage. Still, if you’re dealing with auto-flowers, there’s no need to worry because despite taking only one week, the process is the same, and you will see the same signs as your plant develops.

The Flowering Stage

  • Around two weeks into the pre-flowering stage, your plant is ready to start the final phase, which is the flowering stage. Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re flowering outdoors or you are running an indoor operation. In the flowering stage, you’ll see your plant start to truly develop the buds, which in the beginning look like creamy white hairs emerging from a green pod at the base of a stem.

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The Flowering Stage: Week 1

When your plant officially enters the flowering stage, the buds will start to form, and the small creamy colored hairs will multiply as the tiny sugar leaves begin to appear around the hairy pods. With bigger buds comes an increased trichome production; this means that you will start smelling quite a strong and delicious aroma. This is when you would add pre-flower nutrients.

The Flowering Stage: Week 2

The second week into the flowering stage is when the white hairs start getting long. By now, the hairs should be all over the place, meaning that you will see many of them growing in every direction and every bud site.  More green sacks are appearing with hairs emerging and a cone like formation is beginning to appear.

The Flowering Stage: Week 3

When your cannabis plants reach the middle of the flowering stage, in this case in week 3-4 of flowering, you will see a huge difference in the buds after every couple of days. It happens because the foundation of the flowers exists, so now it’s just a matter of fattening up those beautiful buds. You can begin to add flowering stage nutrients that will fatten up your buds.

The Flowering Stage: Week 4

By week 4-5 of flowering, there’s nothing much to say, if you’ve done everything correctly, the buds should be looking and smelling great, and if you’re keeping a good environment, there’s not much to do. Just keep an eye for any infestation and signs of deficiencies, but it should be pretty straightforward by now. So enjoy these moments of growth as you feed and care for your plants in anticipation of a plentiful reward.

The Flowering Stage: Week 5

Week 5 of flowering marks the last week of the flowering stage. But remember that this is not the case with all cannabis strains; if the genetics you’re growing take a bit longer, you can still guide yourself with these pictures, but it will take a bit longer for you to see the differences that we’re seeing here from one week to the next.

Marijuana Seed Connect Male Vs Female Marijuana Seed

Some Identifying features:

Small pear-shaped nodes appear on the stem if the plant is female

There are small, round flowers on the stems that appear at the base of the leaf stem. The creamy flower hairs will appear if the plant is female or the seed cluster- if male.

Eventually, trichomes will cover the whole plant; if it is female is fertilized, then you will get seeds. So observe for clusters at this time.

Male marijuana plants don’t have nodes or flowers hairs on the buds. Cull the plant asap, or you ruin your crops, unless you are growing for seeds.

The plant is now ready for sexual reproduction.

When the plant is ready for sexual reproduction, it will release pollen. Male plants produce this to fertilize female plants. The seed sack will split, and a yellow penis-like formation or banana-like formation will appear.

In its pre-flowering stage, the main function of marijuana is to produce pollen for fertilization. So, be vigilant and keep careful watch if you do not want your female plants to get fertilized.

When you see signs that the plants are in the pre-flowering phase, it is time to count your blessings you got this far with them. If there are no male plants present, you should be good to go unless your plants suffer from some trauma.

Once plants reach a particular level of maturity or size, they show signs that they are now ready to enter another level.

You can do this by checking for the following:

-Increased resin production

-The beginning of more flowering structures

-Change in color from green to yellow or brown depending on seed type

Once the plant is ready for pre-flowering stage, it’s best to prepare for this by using these steps:

-Remove the lower branches to allow more light, air circulation, and space.

-Prune away any leaves that are touching other plants

-Prune away any leaves that are decaying

-However, you must be careful not to prune too early or too heavy, or the plant could get traumatized, stop growing, and start producing seeds.

Male Vs Female Marijuana Seeds Marijuana Seed Connect 1


If you use regular seeds

You can take advantage of this phase to identify male plants, removing them from the bunch before they release pollen. You can also fertilize plants with a strong fertilizer during this phase, which will give the plant more energy to grow and produce buds, just know they will contain seeds.

For breeding purposes, remove male plants.

As mentioned, remove male plants and place them in a separate location for breeding purposes. Female plants produce cannabinoids, and they create viable seeds with a male plant present. Male marijuana plants do not produce any of the desired cannabinoids. However, they do create viable seeds. Remove male plants from the grow space so more female plants will thrive, which will produce a higher yield of desired cannabis product. Be sure to move them off the property and far, far away from your females.

Also, if you work in the area of male pollinating plants,  be sure to shower and especially change your clothing before entering the space containing female plants, as pollen could be carried into the space and pollinate your female crop.

For medical marijuana, it is best to remove males before buds start appearing.

The pre-flowering stage of cannabis is an important time in the life of growing healthy, potent plants. It’s important to know how to recognize males to remove them before they pollinate your females. Unless you want to grow a crop of seeds, males will release pollen that will spread and pollinate your females, which will then grow seeds; however, that might be a good idea if your plan is to get a ton of seeds.

Many professionals believe that the weed seeds won’t be as potent, especially if you’re growing for medical marijuana use; you will want to create an opportunity to grow potent seeds the best way.

What about growing from marijuana plant clones?

There is a debate around the potency of clones. Clones are easier to estimate growth time before they bud because the genetics are already known, but one downside is that clones may not contain as much THC or CBD some believe. However, if you are petrified to grow from seed, growing from clones is the best option. Or you can try to buy seedlings.  Just know you could pay a lot more for these options because the grower invested time and money cultivating the seedling.

Environmental differences and management influence the quality of buds

It is important to understand that environmental differences with weather, seasons, geography, will influence your results.  Also, with management consider the skill level of the grower, as it will play a role in influencing the quality of buds you will produce.  Cannabis plants grown indoors will typically produce higher quality buds than those grown outside because, growing indoors provides more control over the life of the plant’s environment.

Carbon Dioxide at ambient levels during the vegetative phase

CO2 levels are important during the vegetative growth phase. However, you want to keep it at lower levels; at these levels, CO2 is generally not high enough to cause significant problems to your plants, with no negative impacts. There are C02 producing devices that some say are very beneficial; jut realize that this adds to your expenses.

Sign: You can expect to see a surge in stature and growth of the plants

Another sign that the cannabis plant is in its pre-flowering stage, you can expect to see a surge in the stature and growth of the plants as it prepares for flowering. You will want to put your structural support systems for your plants in place during this period, like a trellis or a sturdy wire cage.

In some locations, early summer has some significant winds and rainfall along with to it, and your young plants are not super strong enough to take a beating and could break if not adequately supported.

Pre Flower Marijuana Seed Connect 1

What is the cannabis flowering stage?

The cannabis flowering stage is a pretty exciting time when you see your plants start the process of producing buds, the tiny hairs, also called early flowers. During this stage, growers can determine when the best time to harvest their plants and begin preparing for a second grow for that season, if you are growing outdoors.  In the southern part of the USA,  seasons  may allow for two grows or  you might be able to continue growing your plants for longer to maximize desired benefits.

What are the first and last key steps to success in the cannabis pre-flowering stage?

The first step is for growers to prepare their plants with a watering and nutrient delivery system that provides all the necessary elements for healthy growth. The last step in this phase is to provide the plant with a light cycle that makes it grow the best.

There are many nutrient delivery systems on the market; sometimes, it’s hard to select a nutrient system that you feel comfortable with and can properly attend to for the plant’s life. However, many growers believe feeding marijuana plants with a regimented system of balanced nutrients designed for the right life cycle is important because it helps plants grow strong, healthy, and voluptuous.

Once you have made a decision with your nutrient selection, growers should follow the instruction manual for their particular plants at each given stage.

Cannabis Flowering Stage

The cannabis flowering stage is the time between seed planting and when marijuana plants grow into full blossoms. This period will last from 6-10 weeks , depending on the strain of marijuana, location, growing conditions, and such.

Though this stage can be long, it is important for the plant to start flowering because it will produce THC and CBDs, beneficial substances in cannabis plants. The key steps to success in the cannabis pre-flowering stage are preparing your plant with a nutrient system, providing the plant with a light cycle, and installing the support systems to keep the plant from breaking under the weight of heavy buds.

What is a key step for success in the cannabis pre-flowering stage?

A key step for success in the cannabis pre-flowering stage is to ensure the plant receives a lot of light and adequate water.

The flowering stage is the final phase of cannabis plant growth. After that, the plant will stop producing new leaves and flower buds full of THC-rich trichomes.

As the cannabis plant ages, some say it will need less water because the leaves are no longer producing. The flowering stage typically lasts 6-10 weeks, but it can also last up to 12 weeks, depending on factors such as plant variety and environmental conditions, and the choice of each grower.

How do I care for my plants during the flowering stage?

The flowering stage is the most important before harvesting marijuana plants. During this time, give plants appropriate light to produce large, resin-covered flowers rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. If growing enclosed, proper ventilation and temperature control also play an important role in maximizing the harvest.

Steps for indoor crops:

  • It is important to provide the plant with a stable and dry environment, with temperatures between 18-21 degrees Celsius (64.4-69.8 Fahrenheit) and humidity of
  • 50 to 70%.
  • Expose the plant to 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark.
  • Check the plants every day for pre-flowering stages, which can take up to 4 weeks.
  • Harvesting should occur before the plant full maturity, which you will seed the yellowish hairs turn golden brown.

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Tips to consider when growing cannabis

The cannabis plant is a flowering powerhouse of colors, scents, benefits and flavors. It has been used for centuries to provide relief from pain, muscle cramps, and more recently, as a recreational drug. It is a plant that, in its natural state, is best to grow in the ground, according to some.

If you want to reap all of the benefits without any of the risks associated with outdoor cultivation, it is possible to grow cannabis in an indoor environment.

In another post, we will cover the pre-flowering stage, benefits, and key steps to success for growing marijuana indoors. The plant is just starting to sprout leaves and stems during this phase, with little to no sign of budding flowers.

Basic growing requirements for Pre-flowering stage Cannabis plants

  • High-quality soil or medium
  • Plenty of filtered water
  • Quality nutrients for each stage of development
  • Adequate room in the grow space
  • Appropriate lighting for both indoor and outdoor
  • A clean grow space with a well-ventilated area for the plant to flower in
  • Love, adequate attention, and patience.

What are key steps for success?

To have a successful harvest, a grower must make sure they provide a suitable growing environment, plant essentials, and nutrients.

For cannabis plants to produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in high quantities, they need high-quality nutrients.

Changes in growth patterns and increased resin production in plants mark the flowering period. In addition, there may also be a change of color from green to reddish-brown or purple on certain parts of the plant.

In Conclusion

Growing marijuana for health or recreational use can be a fun and rewarding experience; it also can be pretty challenging for those that do not have a green thumb. Just know that anyone can learn how to grow, and we can help you. So when you are ready, click to connect and let us know which seeds you want, and we can let you know the best possible conditions to increase your harvest.

We look forward to hearing about your amazing experience. Ps- your experience could win you some free weed or free seeds.

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