Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

Cannabis Seeds In California

If you live in California and are thinking of buying cannabis seeds, start here.

This guide will walk you through buying marijuana seeds in California.

And not only that, we share the legal issues pertinent to growing and using cannabis in the Golden State.

Plus, some grow tips to get you started.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

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Is marijuana legal in California?

It is legal to use marijuana in California for both medical and recreational purposes.

Individuals 21years and over are allowed to cultivate up to six marijuana plants for personal use.

The law restricts growing marijuana to enclosed structures, not accessible to minors and out of the public eye.

You can only grow weed for those who rent in California if you possess written permission from the property owner.

According to California Health and Safety Code 11358 HS, growers must grow marijuana indoors and outdoors unless permitted under local regulations.

To know more about the regulations in your county, contact a local governing agency.

These authorities can help you learn more about the policies you should stick to in your growing area.

Cannabis laws in California

According to proposition 64, the California cannabis laws are as follows;

For Marijuana users

  • The recreational use of marijuana was legalized for adults aged 21 years or older, permitting smoking in a private home or at a business licensed for on-site marijuana consumption.
  • Smoking is illegal while driving a vehicle and in all public places.
  • Up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana are legal to possess under this measure.
  • Possession on the grounds of a school, daycare center, or youth center is illegal while children are present.
  • An individual can grow up to six plants in a private space as long as the area is locked and not visible to the public.

For Marijuana sellers

Businesses have to acquire a state license to sell marijuana for recreational use. Local governments could also require them to obtain a local license.

In addition, companies should not sell marijuana or marijuana products within 600 feet of a school, daycare center, or youth center.

It prevents licenses for large-scale marijuana businesses for five years to prevent “unlawful monopoly power.”

Who Regulates Marijuana in California?

  • The Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation was renamed the Bureau of Marijuana Control and became responsible for regulating and licensing marijuana businesses.
  • Counties and municipalities were empowered to restrict where marijuana businesses could be located.
  • Local governments are allowed to ban marijuana establishments from their jurisdictions completely.
  • Local jurisdictions are allowed by the measure to “reasonably regulate” the personal growth, possession, and use of marijuana plants.

Marijuana taxation

This proposition created two new excise taxes on marijuana:

  1. A cultivation tax of $9.25 per ounce for flowers and $2.75 per ounce for leaves, with exceptions for certain medical marijuana sales and cultivation
  2. A 15 percent tax on the retail price of marijuana

Local governments are authorized to levy taxes on marijuana as well.

Marijuana penalties

  • Individuals under age 18 convicted of marijuana use or possession are required to attend drug education or a counseling program and complete community service.
  • Selling marijuana without a license is punishable by up to six months in county jail, a fine up to $500, or both.
  • Individuals serving criminal sentences for activities made legal under this measure became eligible for resentencing.

Best Strains in California

Growing Cannabis Seeds in California

Is it hard to grow marijuana in California?

California is ranked first in the US for producing food. This can only mean that it has the perfect weather for growing your cannabis plants.

Outside Arizona, California has the most days of sunshine in the United States. The sun is perfect for your cannabis plants to bloom.

Though the regulations surrounding outdoor growing are different in every county in California, it should not stop you from pursuing it.

From the furthest parts of southern California to the Northern side, there is an upside to growing outdoors.

Differences between Indoor Vs. Outdoor Weed Growing in California

Indoor growers are in luck- anytime you want to start growing your pot seeds, it is possible.

This may not apply to outdoor growers whose best time is in May, yet this venture is not out of reach with auto-flowering seeds.

Autos have no problems related to light and dark hours.

For year-round cultivation of cannabis, you may want to settle in the southern parts of California. Far north, not so much as it becomes colder as the seasons change from autumn to winter.

Indoor grow rooms

When you grow indoors, it’s like you are replacing mother nature because you control the plants’ growth cycle.

So you have to be vigilant at every step from the start.

The lights, the watering, whatever is required, get it right.

At the beginning of the marijuana plant’s growth cycle, the lights have to be on for at least 16hours a day. This can only change when the plants are a decent size to a light cycle of 12 hours.

During this light cycle, the plants start to bloom, and how you’ll know this is by the tiny crystals beginning to form.

To avoid your plants’ deterioration, It is also crucial that you check your plants every step of the way for pests and molds. If not, you may have to repeat the entire process.

Cannabis plants require fresh air throughout their lifecycle. In indoor grow rooms, it’s a requirement to have fans to provide an even airflow. They should be placed directly onto the plants as it will make their leaves go into a claw-like deformation.

Another critical thing to note is the temperature and humidity levels of the indoor grow room. The plants at every stage of growth require different optimal temperatures to mature into fruitful cannabis plants.

Popular weed strains in California

If you live in California, there are various strains for you to pick from at a push of a button; Auto flowers, Feminized seeds, Indica Seeds, and Sativas.

To choose the best seed strain for you, you have to know their different benefits.

Choose marijuana strains based on their THC percentage, their ability to grow your weather conditions, how fast they can grow, and who can grow it – beginner or expert.

Auto-flowering seed strains in California

Within two and half months, your auto-flowering seeds become mature cannabis plants with complete buds any time of the year.

Their nature makes them do well in any circumstance, especially in areas with harsh climates; they can still thrive, whether hot or cold.

Advantages of growing auto flower seeds

  1. They adapt well in the face of mishandling for beginners, pests, diseases, and variations in temperatures; hence they require low maintenance
  2. They are agreeable with those limited by space as they can thrive in enclosed spaces.
  3. They are fast growers.
  4. They are money savers as they require fewer nutrients.
  5. Their genetics accept cross-breeding, that is with Skunk, OG Kush, and Haze genetics.
  6. It is not necessary to constantly water them because they have a smaller root system. They prefer water with a P.H. of 6-7.
  7. Besides the above, auto flowers require temperatures of 21 degrees, 50 to 60 percent humidity during the vegetative state, and 40 percent during flowering.

Top autoflowering cannabis seed strains in California

Feminized Cannabis seed strains in California

If you are looking for an all-female party, feminized seeds are the way to go.

These ladies only grow into female plants. You need not worry about sorting or throwing away males from your grow area

Feminized seeds have a high level of THC, matchless terpene profiles, and yields.

They do well both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of feminized cannabis seeds

  1. In comparison to males, they have a high amount of cannabinoids, and many at time bred for the utmost potency and aroma
  2. The seeds are 99.9% feminized; therefore, plants usually grow into females
  3. It is inessential to examine the plants for the sex, so there is no need to toss out male plants
  4. Typically feminized strains are photoperiod strains that are specifically reliant on light.

Top feminized Marijuana strains in California

Indica weed strains in California

Indica marijuana strains are reputable species of cannabis on the market today.

They are mostly known for medical use to help patients with physical disorders that need marijuana to curb pain or sleep.

It is best consumed in the evenings and on a day when there is less physical activity.

Indicas produce a large amount of resin, making them a dependable source for cannabis extracts and concentrates.

Indica plants have purple buds and broad dark-green leaves because of the high measure of chlorophyll.

They have pronounced scents-intense earthy aromas.

The potent and purest kind of Indica strain is purple kush regular seeds  and Pine Tar Kush Feminized Seeds

Buy Indica Seeds in California

Sativas are also rich with medicinal properties.

 For patients who have chronic fatigue and mood disorders, Sativas are administered to them, and there is a noticeable change in their social interaction.

Sativa plants have thin-bladed leaves and produce buds that have strong psychotropic effects. These effects affect the behavior, mood, thoughts, and perception of an individual. 

Sativas take more time to bloom, a week or two longer than indicas.

If you want to get super high, Sativa does the trick. It has stronger effects than the Indica strain.

The Sativa high whips up excitement, creativity, and energy.

It also lessens stress, anxiety, makes one more focused, and boosts motivation.

Where to buy Marijuana Seeds in California

You can buy marijuana seeds in California online from Marijuana Seed Connect.

Our seed bank has hundreds of cannabis strains, a lot more than what your local seed bank has in stock.

We guarantee that our seeds will germinate; we’ll replace every seed that doesn’t germinate.

We sell seeds from our shop in Tempe, Arizona, and ship to the following California Counties within 2-5 working days.

Alameda  Marin  San Mateo 
Alpine  Mariposa  Santa Barbara 
Amador  Mendocino  Santa Clara 
Butte  Merced  Santa Cruz 
Calaveras  Modoc  Shasta 
Colusa  Mono  Sierra 
Contra Costa  Monterey  Siskiyou 
Del Norte  Napa  Solano 
El Dorado  Nevada  Sonoma 
Fresno  Orange  Stanislaus 
Glenn  Placer  Sutter 
Humboldt  Plumas  Tehama 
Imperial  Riverside  Trinity 
Inyo  Sacramento  Tulare 
Kern  San Benito  Tuolumne 
Kings  San Bernardino  Ventura 
Lake  San Diego  Yolo 
Lassen  San Francisco Yuba 
Los Angeles  San Joaquin   
Madera  San Luis Obispo   

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds In California

If you have read the cannabis laws above, you know that medical and recreational marijuana is legal in California.

So the only legal issue you would have with law enforcement is growing cannabis plants beyond the required number.

Besides that, the other issues to consider when growing cannabis seeds in California are pests and diseases, thieves, harsh weather.

Wherever you choose to grow your cannabis, indoors or outdoors, keep it out of sight. There are many preying eyes, and in the night, thieves can rob you of your crop to score any easy buck.

The easiest way to kill your crop is to leave them to pests and diseases, and with California’s weather, pests and diseases thrive easily.

It is always essential for every cannabis cultivator to have in place natural deterrents or organic pest control solutions if you expect your plants to survive throughout their life cycle.

The most common bugs are aphids, spider mites, and powdery mildew. 

Regarding California’s weather, California tends to have unpredictable weather, especially in the southern parts where there are sudden 64km/h wind blasts.

Wildfires are also prevalent throughout California. They devour many outdoor crops, not just weed.

This calls for your attention to your region’s local weather at all times if you are an outdoor cultivator.

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