Master Mix Premium Soil in Arizona

Our soil mix is a carefully prepared blend of premium ingredients straight from Mother Nature, creating healthy plants and bountiful yields!

Our exceptional soil contains peat moss, organic pine, bark compost, greensand, worm castings, and much more.

Only available for local pick up from our store in Tempe, Arizona


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Nestled among the lush meadows of the White Mountains of Northern Arizona, MHG has always been an active proponent of organic gardening. We do this through proprietary methods of growing crops, greenhouse production, community garden, and a well-received line of heirloom seeds and organic soil amendments.

Soil Ingredients

Mulch, worm castings, peat moss, greensand, humic acid, PANAK-ITE, BT, black cinder, compost, mycorrhizae, leaf mold, molasses, sea bird guano, and close to twenty other natural occurring soil amendments.

Soil for Marijuana Grow

Soil is the organic gardeners’ secret of vibrant and bountiful marijuana plants.

Marijuana Home Gardens soil is so rich; we chuckle that all you have to do is flick a seed into it, and it will grow!

Our mix is a unique blend of necessary soil components that make for a successful organic garden.

Over 30 years of acquired experience in organic gardening helps us achieve a perfect ratio of peat moss, organic pine bark, compost, greensand, humus worm castings, and more.

This highly coveted super soil mix boasts high fertility, excellent soil structure, and excellent water retention properties.

Our soil mix can transform even the most barren plots into gardens teeming with thriving cannabis plants, and yes, fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers too.

Your marijuana plants can count on our Super Soil to stand tall and proud- just like mother nature intended.

Directions for use:

Add as-is to either a container or raised bed.

How much garden soil does your garden need?

For each inch of soil depth, calculate: (LENGTH X WIDTH) ÷ 15

For example: 4ft. x 8ft. bed = 32 sq. ft. ÷ 15 = 2 bags for each inch of soil depth

Weight 11 kg


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