Wedding Cake Auto Seeds

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The Wedding Cake Auto seeds is a highly potent marijuana strain that grows fast and produces an impressively high yield for the crop size.

THC Content: 20%

High yield.

Flowering in 9 – 10 weeks.

Feminized seeds.

Easy to grow – indoors and outdoors.



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Wedding Cake Auto has the genetics of the Wedding Cake and the Girl Scout Cookies Auto cannabis strains that stem from the Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis hybrid genotypes.

They are easy to grow and highly potent with 20% THC.

This strain is forgiving and can withstand several growing conditions.

This makes a case for any kind of grower, from total novice to expert grower.

Flavors of the Wedding Cake Auto

The Wedding Cake Auto has a sweet, fruity – hints of pineapple and lemon –  flavor.

Effects of the Wedding Cake Autoflowering weed

The Wedding Cake Automatic weed strain is highly potent and will hit you for a very long while.

This marijuana strain will hit you hard and stick you to the couch.

If you are struggling with sleep, try this weed, it will give you extra hours of sleep and rest.

Wedding Cake Auto Autoflower Grow Tips

Our Wedding Cake Auto seeds Strain can be grown indoors or outdoors.

It flowers in 9 – 10 weeks.

When grown indoors or in a greenhouse the plants can yield up to 600grams per square meter and up to 150grams per plant when grown outdoors.

The best yield plan is to grow indoors with 600w HID lighting.

When grown outdoors, it’s best during the long summers with full-day sunlight.

Perfect for even new growers.



Seed Gender



High THC 20%+


Low CBD 0-1%


Fruity, Sweet

Flowering Time

8 – 10 Weeks




Indoors, Outdoors, Sunny

Grower Experience

Beginner, Experienced, Intermediate

Flowering Type



Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors


Girl Scout Cookies

4 reviews for Wedding Cake Auto Seeds

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    Bryan K. (verified owner)

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