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Instant THC Potency Test.

Know the THC/CBD potency of your marijuana strain wherever you are, at a fraction of a Lab test.

THC/CBD potency,  Moisture and Moisture Activity Tests

🚗 Mobile Testing. 🧪 Lab Quality Results

Mobile Marijuana Potency Test in Arizona

Why pay $60+ and wait for 1-2 weeks for potency lab tests?

Our THC/CBD potency tests take under a minute. You get lab-grade results for as low as $10 per test.

And, the best part, the tests can be done anywhere, wherever you are in Arizona.

We also offer Moisture and Moisture Activity tests.

Purpl Mobile Potency Test Arizona

Why Test with Us?


Get accurate and reliable results. Our instant mobile testing service provides you with lab-grade results of the THC potency of your cannabis strains.


For as low as $10, you can know with certainty the potency of your marijuana. Pricing starts at $30 for a single test. The more samples you test, the more your savings up to $10 per test.


We offer mobile testing services for your convenience. So wherever you are in Arizona, we’ll come and test your weed, providing you instant results.

Get your THC/CBD potency, moisture and Moisture Activity tests

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